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who weare -Sama Al Gharbia

In order to be a successful and effective company in the country, Sama Al-Gharbia obtained the exclusive authorization of BAIC in Iraq, bringing this promising brand for the first time inti Iraqi market adding a new important type to the range of options for the Iraqi citizen.
BAIC was ranked as one of the top 10 automobile manufacturers in China in 2010 and in 2014 the group
ranked as fourth in China with a production capacity  nearly 2.5 million vehicles to become one of the world’s biggest companies in this field.


  • Supplying the market with high-quality products appropriate for customer demand from every aspect and supported by great after sales services
  • Satisfying the dealers for the aim of leadership in the market
  • Creating sales and after sales, networks in compliance with international standards and ensuring the best purchasing experience with complete satisfaction.


  • Promoting high-quality products supported by great after sales services
  •  Considering dealers as the main focus of attention and striving to satisfy their needs
  •  The highest level of moral commitment in the transaction with dealers and importers
  •  Commitment to long-term objectives based on respected principles
  • Actualizing leadership through perfect commercial operations
  • Faith in human resources as an indispensable part of the successful business